Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oooooo, Scare-y!

Some European celebrities spotted
at the Idaho Botanical Garden Scarecrow Stroll...

Anne Boleyn


Queen Elizabeth

William Shakespeare

He lives in fame that died in virtue's cause.
~William Shakespeare

You go to school, you get a master's degree, you study Shakespeare and you wind up being famous for plastic glasses.
~Sally Jessy Raphael


Anonymous said...

so much royalty,then, now, reduced
to scarecrows, in

evitable dynastic
collapse to so

much straw -
yet one hearing voice off

stage forged
them on - no

forgery, words so
minted fly with strength

of crazed crows
defying scarecrows -

their virtue vivid in
face of,filling stage dissolving


Shell Sherree said...

If I was a crow, I'd be very afraid! These are great finds, Ms M.

Ms M said...

Thoughtful poem, Anon. Hushed, posturing straw people....

Hi Shell: These are part of the garden's Scarecrow Stroll, historical characters. Probably too much history for the crows!

Margaret said...

What a neat tradition. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Ms M said...

It's a fun tradition. I've never made a scarecrow, but we liked taking the Scarecrow Stroll. (Scarecrow Stroll sounds like a dance, doesn't it??)

altadenahiker said...

This is brilliant. If I were energetic and artsy-crafty, I'd make myself an Anne. We do have a house of horrors in Altadena. The guy who lives there is a Hollywood set decorator and Halloween is obviously his favorite holiday. I'll post something this year.

dive said...

Yay! Those are so much fun, Ms.M.

And I must say, Anon's poem describes the current royal family to a tee. Wonderful!

Ms M said...

Karin, I hope you do post photos from your local house of horrors. The scarecrows are great - and I've just posted a sample. I'll put a few more up here and there.

Hi Dive, they are fun. Anon's very honored that his poem so accurately describes the Royal Family ;-)