Monday, August 27, 2012

Variations on a theme






Anonymous said...

cumulus lifts
to stratus, then
lilting voice

horizon a Stra
varius layering

chromatic cloud
scales -

orchestral sky, keep
harmonies possible-

sweep vision compress
vapor papery layers

billow into choruses
out of any certain

scale save one
measuring our smallness


dive said...

Fortissimo indeed, Anon!
Though now I feel several shades of inadequate with my initial reaction of "Ooooh! Pretty colours!"
Simply beautiful, both of you.

Margaret said...

So pretty. We have had some lovely sunsets here as well.

Ms M said...

Wonderful poem, Anon! I love how you incorporated music into the skies.

Thank you very much, Dive.

Margaret, thank you. I love sunset skies, especially after a hectic day at work. Peace for the harried soul.

Anonymous said...

Love the sunset shots!!!!

altadenahiker said...

Been thinking about you, and the fires that have burned all summer. Hope you're well away from that.

Debs said...

I just love sunset shots.

Ms M said...

Sandman and Debs: Thank you -- I love watching (and taking pics of) sunsets.

Altadenahiker: We're safely distant from the fires, but the smoke drifts in and has been hanging here for several weeks. Makes for rich colors at sunset, but not so great for breathing.

Petrea Burchard said...

My mother would have loved your blog, Ms. M. The pictures accompanied by Anon's fine poetry would have entertained and inspired her (she was a poet.) I think of her when I visit here.

Ms M said...

That's lovely, Petrea, thank you. Your mother sounds like she was very talented, and a very special lady.