Monday, April 02, 2012

As seen during a walk

A pair of swans have been hanging out here lately. But I have yet to see them together. They stay on opposite sides of the pond. 

Water globes, micro-worlds.  

From a season past... 

to the season present.


Anonymous said...

whoever dropped a winter solstice
Christmas cheer card on first
day of Spring

wicked trickster
persuasion, their mind

a riot of mis
directed angels

wearing wrong threads

when overgrown palm shirts
clouds insist
fit April

altadenahiker said...

Oh, well then, the swans are being coy. "If he wants a date, why doesn't he just swim over here and ask me."

Katie said...

Delightful series of photos! Amazing how many different moods you have captured here. I hope the geese get together soon, and that more pretty blossoms are on the way.

Ms M said...

Wonderful poem, Anon! Thank you xxoo

Yes, I think the swans are being coy, Altadenhiker. Either that or they've had a big fight, and waiting to see who will give in first :-)

Thanks, Katie. In past 2 days, blossoms and leaves have exploded on the bushes and trees. Maybe the blooms will help the swans get back together. :-)