Sunday, March 04, 2012

Waiting for Spring

So cold earlier in the week...

But today, the temperature was 60 -- it felt like Spring.
Who knows what it will be like next weekend?

March is the Month of Expectation.
The things we do not know --
The Persons of prognostication
Are coming now --
We try to show becoming firmness --
But pompous Joy
Betrays us, as his first Betrothal
Betrays a Boy.
~ Emily Dickinson


altadenahiker said...

Oh, an icy pond. And please do take photos of the forgotten signs in your neck of the woods, before they're gone. Would love to see them.

Anonymous said...

there was March a life
time ago: marked by
thousands of wine glasses
crushed under
foot, couldn't
locate source of
sound, that March dawn : then

putting pieces together from sight
line from my dorm

Hudson River ice sheets melting into

another renewed
life: non-

martial March
roaring a peace
roar no wars up

Shell Sherree said...

It's autumn here now ~ I'm hoping our comparatively mild summer will translate into an equally-mild winter. I hope spring blooms for you soon, Ms M.

Ms M said...

Altadenahiker; I'll see if I can get out with my camera soon.

Thank you Anon, for your powerful poem xxoo

Shell, here's wishing you a gorgeous autumn and mild winter!

Katie said...

Lovely photos. I like how it looks like a few of the leaves are actually on the shadow tree in the middle photo. Here's to an early Spring in Boise with lots of gorgeous blooms!

Ms M said...

Thanks, Katie. Here's hoping spring comes soon to the Bay area with beautiful blossoms, too!