Sunday, December 11, 2011

Geese in action

In flight

 On water

On ice


Anonymous said...

so delicate that left
leg suspended in air over

ice mirror - could
stop heart of a world

's beat/ geese, celebrate
your lead

dancer by
following step

same tremulous

move .

Shell Sherree said...

Such sweet birds, and anonymous, your words are a mesmerising accompaniment. You two make a lovely team.

dive said...

Fantastic flappy action, Ms.M. What a great shot that is.
They look a lot happier in the water than on the ice.
I love the idea of the lead dancer in Anonymous' poem. Whenever the phalanxes fly honking over my house I wonder how they decide which goose to follow.

Ms M said...

Anon, I love your poem! Shell's right; we make a good team ;-)

Thank you, Shell, for your kind words.

I love that first photo, too, Dive. They were just coming off the ice and I happened to be in the right place with camera in hand. I wonder, too, how they decide who is Lead Goose when they fly. Perhaps they are more effective in electing their leaders than we are??

altadenahiker said...

The second photo captures my heart. They look so confident -- as though they know we know they are graceful creatures.

(I wonder if some of these guys are my friends from the Huntington. The Canadian geese come our way for a few months in the spring and summer to have their babies, then they take off for points unknown. Maybe Idaho.)

Ms M said...

Altadenahiker: They are graceful in the water, aren't they? I like watching them fly overhead as the group migrates onward. Perhaps some of these are your friends from Huntington. :-)