Thursday, March 31, 2011


Warm, spring weather today. Willows shimmer as the breeze blows. They remind me of long sweeping skirts, gentle rain, pastel paintings.

In some stories, willows are a symbol of wisdom; people seek advice from Grandmother Willow or Willow-Father. But in some English folktales, willows are evil ones who uproot themselves and stalk strangers.

I think these willows are friendly and wise -- just don't mess with their roots....


Sheila Robertson said...

The green promise of spring.

dive said...

Hot dang, you're good with tht camera, Ms.M.
My first thought on seeing this, however, was that it would make a killer jigsaw puzzle.

Ms M said...

Yes, Sheila, here's hoping spring has finally arrived!

Thanks, Dive. I can see how this photo would make a great jigsaw puzzle, a thousand pieces :-)