Thursday, January 27, 2011

A little fog and smog

Looking down Capitol Boulevard at the State Capitol where the legislators are currently in session. 

We often have disharmonious weather this time of year.... 


Anonymous said...

Jefferson didn't imagine days
damned by faux-demo
cratic processes in capitol,
fog producers in cheap suits
cutting welfare/
but paying for continuous
TV coverage of their
production -

time, in this

love how
ever hard to see on
horizon even
triumphs, or at least
goes on

Ms M said...

Yes, Love does go on despite...

Shell Sherree said...

Does that mean your weather is sensitive to the goings on down the boulevard? Regardless of the weather, I wish you a beautiful weekend, Ms M!

Katie said...

Maybe the legislators should work on that smog issue. Pretty Capitol building. Here's the a mild weekend!

Ms M said...

Hi Shell, Sometimes it does seem like the goings on down the street influences the weather :) It was sunnier today and warmer, so that's a good change.

We get inversions here during the winter. Maybe the Legislators should work on that, altho they're neck deep in budget problems right now.
But here's to a good weekend for all of us anyway!