Thursday, September 02, 2010

Morning surprise

As I was driving to work, I noticed several hot air balloons floating in the distance. When I arrived at my office, balloons were floating overhead, all around us.

I later read that this launch was the kick-off for the 2010 Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic; balloons will grace the skies the next 3 mornings.

This one nearly landed in a schoolyard.

Then, it finally rose back up into the sky.


Shell Sherree said...

How glorious! A hot air balloon flight is on my list of things to do. {The kind that offers champagne and pastries, of course.}

Ms M said...

Hi Shell, Yes, I agree, the flight must include champagne and pastries! :)
I took a balloon flight several years ago -- it was a blast! And they served champagne and pastries afterward as part of the treat.