Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Glory and power

We walked in the Nature Center in the late afternoon on Sunday and the light was wonderful for photos.

But the trees are probably a little more bare today.

Last night a cold front blew in. I was walking about the time it arrived; clouds rapidly darkened, wind picked up, and blew hard. Tops of tall trees rocked back and forth, waves of leaves arose and swarmed across yards and the streets. I put my hood up to try and block the dust and flying debris and headed for home, getting there right before the rain came.


Anonymous said...

power simmers in a land
scape's crimson, comes
into solid radiance
in a drop
of a

even after leaves become vanquished

where they swayed moments ago

buzzes in anticipation

hums a counter


to fixed


Ms M said...

Wonder, rhythm, glow to your words, Anon. Thank you :)