Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Peacock blues

While at a park, we saw this handsome guy. He wasn’t showing off his gorgeous fan; instead he was strolling about to see if any picnickers would, by chance, drop some food. As you can see, he’s eyeing us to see if there might be any tasty morsels. But we were having dessert (tiramisu and fudge brownie), so he had to go without.
Poor blue…


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the song "Painting the town blue" by X.


Katie said...

That blue color really is amazing. (Not as amazing as you having tiramisu and fudge brownies however!)

Ms M said...

I guess he'll have to take the Greyhound bus out after painting the town blue... (especially if he doesn't get any dessert)

I knew you'd appreciate the desserts, Katie. :)They were delish!

Anonymous said...

stepping over cracks breaking no mother's back, a peacock arrives
at itself before knowing
it does so,
in a way human spectators
envy -
what we believe display
it knows as being -
a fulfillment of what is -
its feathered eyes
"what might be"
to romantic

Ms M said...

Thought-provoking verse, Anon, thank you :)