Monday, September 15, 2008

Day at the fair

As I mentioned in my last post, the Hyde Park Fair took place this weekend, complete with booths of crafts, jewelry, blown glass, metal work, clothing, food, and more. People bring their dogs – one guy even brought a goat – and wander through the grounds, munching on “loaded fries”, gyros, ice cream bars, fried cinnamon rolls, corn dogs, kettle corn, and other culinary delights. Musicians play, people dance. Kids have their faces painted and play games for prizes in the Children’s Garden.

During the afternoon, the hand-knitted top this mannequin** was wearing slid down into her arms, provoking snickers from passers-by. One very helpful guy and his girlfriend tried to redress her -- but to no avail.

When we returned the next day, she was gone. Perhaps she escaped during the night with a mannequin from Macy’s…

**(NOTE: After I posted the original photo of the bare-chested mannequin, Blogger slapped a TOS warning on my blog, so I removed the original photo and put a Photoshopped version in its place. Hopefully that'll call off the nudity police...)


Katie said...

I wondered what on earth that warning was when clicked on your site! I can't believe that a naked mannequin would bring down the wrath of blogger, but whatever. I do like her little pink Photoshop top though. Funny that people kept trying to pull her top back up. Sounds like this was a fun place to hang out over the weekend!

Ms M said...

Hi Katie,
Thanks for clicking through the dire warning page. I think her little pink top is cute, too. :-)
I've posted a request on Blogger Help group to have the warning page cleared, so we'll see how long that takes.

The fair was a fun place to hang out. And in the evening, there was a local blues band that played on the main drag of Hyde Park, which was really cool.

Vanda said...

I can't believe people would get their panties in a bunch over plastic boobs. That's so sad.

Ms M said...

Vanda, I couldn't believe the response of the "prude police", either.
I wrote an "appeal" on Blogger Help Group site yesterday and they finally removed the warning page this afternoon.