Monday, January 07, 2008


How often does luck, chance, coincidence play a main role in the direction a life? Watched a movie tonight – Sliding Doors -- in which the main character, Helen, lives parallel lives which begin as she tries to take the London Tube back to her home after being fired from her job. In one version, she gets on the train just as the doors close. In the other, the doors are already closed -- she can't board the train.

What might have happened if we’d "taken the other path"? If we had or had not missed the plane, train, boat, connection, or phone call? What’s the chance of walking into a building just in time to collide with someone who will deeply affect your future? When, by coincidence, one life significantly intersects another?

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None but himself can be his parallel.
- Virgil

When One made love to Zero, spheres embraced their arches and prime numbers caught their breath.
- Raymond Queneau

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