Monday, December 03, 2007

A little jest

Nothing like browsing the dictionary to stimulate jeu d’esprit

Read a news story about a pair of jeuness dorée, a young couple, who, even though they had plenty of money and privilege, stole the identities and credit cards of their neighbors and went on lavish vacations, lived in extravagance. Two years worth of jiggery-pokery going on. The world was their oyster -- until they were caught.

"We were just joshing," they cried. But the Justice turned a deaf ear. Now they have the permanent jimjams, and will have to joust with a judge and jury in the judicial system. When they finally get out of prison, they will have to beg for a jitney. No more jet set for them.

The moral of this tale: Be honest, just, and judicious to attain joie de vivre.

$$$$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$$

Jeu d’esprit: Play of the mind, a witty comment or composition.

Jeunesse dorée: Gilded youth; young people of wealth and fashion.

Jiggery-pokery: Underhanded manipulation or dealings, trickery.

Jimjams: Feeling nervous, having the jitters.

Jitney: Slang for a nickel. An unlicensed taxi.

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