Friday, October 05, 2007

Politics and art

Well, the bet-makers were right. Even though Minnesota Judge Porter denied Larry Craig’s motion to overturn his guilty plea, Larry has "vowed" to continue serving his term in D.C. Now Larry says he will not run again in 2009. Any bets on that one?

Then, I visited the website of the Times-Picayune to see what was happening in the Crescent City. What do they have as a leading headline? That a St. Bernard Parish Councilman, Joey DiFatta, was detained by police twice for the same bathroom behavior as Larry! Only DiFatta’s preference was shopping mall bathrooms. At least DiFatta is showing a little common sense; he’s dropping his bid for State Senate, citing "health reasons".

Since we’re already in the potty tonight, here’s another news item, about an art teacher in Virginia who was fired because he made "butt paintings" during his off-work time. (He is now suing the school district). Apparently, he applies paint to his "cheeks" and other body parts, then "prints" the images on canvas to create paintings of flowers, birds, and other homey images. He was fired after a video was posted on YouTube showing him demonstrating his painting technique (he did have enough sense to wear a mask and a turban to conceal his ID). He sells the paintings through a personal website. I checked out his site and the paintings. Personally, I think they should be donated to MOBA (see the link below).


Neither give cherries to pigs nor advice to a fool.
-Irish proverb

Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television.
-Woody Allen

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Anonymous said...

as Lindy Slopper said, "Larry just wants to have fun".......