Friday, March 30, 2007

Sniffing out the news

On the national scene:

Farmers are planting more corn for ethanol than for food products.

A French architect says he believes the great pyramids of Egypt were built “inside out”.

An asteroid will pass by the earth tonight, at a distance of a mere 2 million miles.

Consumer spending and incomes were reported to be up for February (?? Not for anyone we know…)

The software files used in MS Windows to create the tumbling hourglass we so love to watch while a program loads could allow intruders to hack into your computer without you knowing it. Microsoft is working on a fix, of course. In the meantime, those who are computer savvy suggest we use Mozilla Firefox.

And on the local scene:

A small family-owned sports store closes, knocked out by another big box chain store.

The Idaho Legislature has finally adjourned (Goathead roundup, anyone?).

A local radio station has “flipped” from Country-W to Oldie rock (another vote for originality).

And—you can see an actual ground squirrel in the local paper’s Natural Wonder photo gallery…

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People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.
-- A.J. Liebling

When we hear news we should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation.
-- Voltaire

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